Toorox 10.2009 released!

Details A new version has been finished and now it's ready for download.

The content:
- The Kernel 2.6.31-gentoo
- The KDE 4.3.2 as desktopenvironment
- Xorg-Server version 1.6.5
- OpenOffice 3.1.1
- Amarok 2.2 as the KDE Mulimediaplayer
- The mediaplayer VLC 1.0.2
- IceCat 3.5.3
- and much more ...

Portato was added as the second software management tool (GUI for Portage) in the systemconfig which
makes a good job even though its elementary (0.13).
The Direct Rendering Manager (drm) was added as a kernel module and will be loaded by default. So if you own a graphics card with an Intel, ATI Radeon or SIS chip you can enjoy the pretty and cool desktop effects (3D-Desktop) by using the free and default video driver.
NOTE: If Toorox won't load the desktop correctly, please make use of the nodrm cheatcode.
( Bootmenu -> Press Tab -> Press Space -> enter nodrm -> Hit return )
The "LAN+WLAN" script from Systemconfig has been improved - if your wireless LAN device requires a special firmware file - this will be displayed. Then you can simply select it for loading.
The missing Synaptics Touchpad driver was re-added and pre-configured for a handy left-click by tapping on the pad.
As a new filesystem you can now select ext4 for your Toorox HD-Installation.
Please read the Changelog for more informations ...

Enjoy the new release. If you have any questions or if you want to help other users - create an account and post
it in the forum.


Toorox 06.2009

Details Version 06.2009 is finished now. As always - the KDE was updated to the latest version
4.2.4. The recent CVS-snapshot of the plasmoid lancelot_part was included, because QT
was updated to 4.5.1 and the old version of the plasmoid has some trouble with it (empty box).
The USB-Stick creator script was optimised. Now there are 3 options for you:
Static, Personal and Encrypted. For the last 2 options your home folder will be stored
and with the third option even password-encrypted when you shutdown the system.
Now 2 partitions will be created - ext2 for Toorox and fat32 for regular data storage on
your pendrive.
Some users had problems (Kernel Panic) after an installation and booting from an external
USB-HDD. This came up, because the kernel needs some seconds for its initialisation.
This was fixed in the installer.


Toorox 04.2009

A new release of Toorox is done and available for you in the download section.
Now you can simply make an USB live pendrive with it.
The KDE was updated to 4.2.2 and OpenOffice speaks german and english.
There are no significant changes to the prior version except package updates
and small bug-fixes.
- Contains the webbrowser Iceweasel 3.0.9
- The (not) Windows emulator Wine was updated to 1.1.19
- VLC media player 0.99a is there for you
- Clam Anti Virus 0.95.1
- ...

Enjoy Toorox 04.2009!


Server time-out

Details Hello Toorox users,

certainly you have noticed, that the site was offline over the last weeks.
Server problems came up and i had absolutely no time to solve them.
So, i gave him a little "time-out". Now they are solved and is
there for you, again.


Toorox 03.2009 finished

Details A new version of Toorox has been finished, which contains the recent KDE 4.2.1.
A short release cycle of only 4 weeks was necessary, because some users advised
me that after the installation, it appeared a strange mouse pointer movement. This
has been solved by including the USB modules directly into the kernel.
So now it is possible to install Toorox on an external USB hard disk without a
ramdisk. Additionally there was a problem with the installation to a new created
partition which has been solved now.
In fact the release of 03.2009 was planned one week before but then i have noticed
a 50% load factor of the plasma process. The reason was lancelot (Fixed devices +
Favorite Applications on the desktop), which had problems with QT-Core 4.5. So i had
to build the whole KDE with QT 4.4.2 again.
Some users wanted an anti-virus application within Toorox to scan a not running
operating system for infected files. Now this is possible by the assistance of ClamAV.
Amarok 2 has also been added as another multimedia player.

Go into the download section now - Toorox 03.2009 is ready for download there ...
FaLang translation system by Faboba
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