Toorox 09.2010 "KDE"

Details The "GNOME" Edition has been finished and now it's time
to release the "KDE" Edition. The kernel is Linux 2.6.34-gentoo-r3.
KDE - The Desktop Environment was updated to the recent version
4.5.1. Further updates are Xorg-Server 1.8.2, K3B 2.0.1, IceCat 3.6.9,
OpenOffice 3.2.1, VLC 1.1.4, Wine 1.3.3 ...
You can get Toorox 09.2010 "KDE" ( 32bit + 64bit ) in the download

Have fun!


Installation bug in 09.2010 "GNOME"

Details There's a little bug which pertains the hard disk installation.


The installed system doesn't boot from hd ( error message from the
bootloader grub ).


Before installation, the file must be removed from /boot/grub/.
-> Boot the DVD -> click on Terminal in the panel -> type in the following:
sudo rm /boot/grub/
Close the Terminal and start the hard disk installation now.


Toorox 05.2010

Details A new version has been finished which contains the Linux Kernel 2.6.33-gentoo.
The desktop environment KDE was updated to the recent version 4.4.3. The rest of
all KDE3 applications and dependencies were removed. Therefore klamav was
replaced by clamtk and k3b was updated to the latest QT4 RC version. Guarddog and
kdetv have been removed. Also umtsmon has been removed - but now the complete
network configuration and internet connection is handled by the NetworkManager and
you can establish a mobile broadband connection via nm-applet.
Nearly all packages were updated to the latest version. Till now the binary ATI driver
(fglrx) doesn't support the latest xorg-server 1.8 - so this release contains version 1.7.6.
From now on you can download the 32 and 64-bit edition in the download section.
Have fun with it!


Toorox 09.2010 - Now with GNOME, too

Details As from today Toorox 09.2010 is available as a "GNOME" edition, too.
Most users are working either with the KDE or with the GNOME as desktop.
So, i have decided to make a Toorox "GNOME" edition, too. It could now
be interesting for all the G-Fans out there. Toorox 09.2010 comes with the
GNOME 2.30.2. This was optically customized and looks like the "KDE"
edition ( Systemconfig and Starter in the panel - Harddisk overview and
Process Manger on the desktop - Oxygen Icons,Colour Theme ... ).
The system comes without any QT dependency. All applications that depends
on QT were replaced by similar GTK apps:
K3B - Brasero
Ktorrent - Deluge
Kopete - Empathy, Pidgin
Amarok - Exaile
VLC - Gxine
Kmail, Kontact - Evolution
Kwin Effects - Compiz

It contains the Linux Kernel 2.6.34-gentoo-r3 and the Xorg-Server was updated
to version 1.8.2. All packages were updated - IceCat 3.6.8, OpenOffice 3.2.1,
Thunderbird 3.1.1, Gimp 2.6.10, Exaile, Wine 1.3.1, Compiz 0.8.6,
Code::Blocks 10.05, Ardour 2.8.7, Audacious 2.4.0 ...

What about the "KDE" edition?

Toorox "KDE" will be released next weeks - probably with KDE 4.5.1.


Toorox goes 64

Details Happy new year 2010!

With the beginning of this new year it's time for a new release. :-)
Many people asked me whether there is a 64-Bit version, too?
Now i can say: Yes, it is!
With the release of Toorox 01.2010 you can get a 64-Bit version, too.
It contains the 2.6.32-gentoo kernel and the KDE was updated to the
recent version 4.3.4.
The Toorox Installer is now able to exclude your /home/... folder to
another partition and you can install the bootloader into a single
partition or floppy disk.
There's a new entry in the Systemconfig: Mobile Broadband. It starts
the application umtsmon. There you can configure your mobile UMTS
connection and bring it up.
All packages for a pptp-vpn connection were included and you can
configure it via Networkmanager and the nm-applet.
KFTPgrabber was exchanged with gftp and there's a new audio-mixer
installed: mixxx. You will find it in the ?-Starter - "Party-DJ".

I would like to thank Johannes for the second download-mirror!

FaLang translation system by Faboba
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