03.2011 "GNOME3-RC" direct download

Details Now you can download the recent development release 03.2011 "GNOME3-RC"
directly. Many thanks to rolandx1, tuxfux and fynn for providing two servers, which
will make a direct download possible for future releases. But they will also be available
via torrent.

toorox.de not available

Details Hello Friends!

After the release of the recent development version my server was blocked
because of the heavy traffic load. I had no option but to change the provider.
Toorox.de is now hosted by another hosting company. To be safe that the site
stays online i've decided to make a torrent file for the recent version. A direct
HTTP download is not available now. For future releases i would like to provide
direct downloads, too. So my appeal: If you have a server with unlimited traffic
and a big bandwidth and if you would like to host Toorox, please contact me.


New Release: Toorox 02.2011 "KDE"

Details After the release of the "GNOME" Edition on the 8th of February
it's time for the new "KDE" Edition, too. And here it is: Toorox 02.2011
"KDE". It contains of course all the improvements of the "GNOME"
Edition ("200 Lines" Kernel Speed-Patch, Grub2, Installer extensions).
Nearly all packages were updated. The Kernel is the same as in the
last "GNOME" release (Patched 2.6.37-gentoo). Toorox 02.2011
contains KDE 4.6.0 as desktop environment. The Xorg-Server was
updated to version 1.9.4. The Office-Suite is now the latest LibreOffice
3.3.1. The new images are stored in the "download" section. They're
available as a 32bit (1.7GB) and 64bit (1.9GB) system.


Development Release: Toorox 03.2011 "GNOME3-RC"

Details The next generation of the GNOME Desktop "3.0" is near completion.
If you want to test it, you can get the recent development release
of Toorox 03.2011 "GNOME3-RC".

The New GNOME 3:

It's only available as a 32bit image. It contains the Linux Kernel
2.6.37-gentoo, GNOME 2.91.92 (3.0_RC), Xorg-Server 1.9.5,
LibreOffice 3.3.2, IceCat 3.6.16, Thunderbird 3.1.9 ...
Attention should be paid to the fact, that GNOME3 needs accelerated
graphics support. If the video driver doesn't support this, the desktop
will start in a "Fallback Mode" which can't represent all of the functions
and the "Look & Feel" of the new GNOME-Generation. This will be
happen for example if you have a nVidia graphics card. But this is no
problem - click on "Systemconfig" in the black panel (see picture below)
and start "nVidia Drivers". This will download and install the official video
driver for your card. Then the desktop will restart automatically with
graphics acceleration.

The "Fallback Mode"

The Toorox-Installer and USB-Pendrive-Creator are stored in the home
directory. You can launch them simply with the filemanager.

Enjoy ....

New Release: Toorox 01.2011 "GNOME"

Details A new version of the Toorox "GNOME" Edition has been finished
and you can get it from the download area as 32-bit and 64-bit
system. The kernel is the Linux 2.6.37-gentoo which was patched
with the famous "200 Lines Patch" from Mike Galbraith. It gives you
a significant performance boost if you start several processes at the
same time.
The GNOME desktop environment was updated to version 2.32.1
and Xorg-Server to version 1.9.2. This one now make use of udev
only. Grub2 is now the default boot loader, but Grub-Legacy is
there, too.
The Toorox-Installer can now identify operating systems, which were
already installed on your hard disk and make a menu entry for them.
If you want to keep your already installed grub, the installer can modify
your boot menu (Grub2 + Grub-Legacy).
Now there's a direct link on the desktop to the Toorox IRC Chat Channel.

I hope you enjoy the new release of Toorox.

PS: The KDE-Edition is on the way.

FaLang translation system by Faboba
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