Toorox 07.2008, 07.2008-KDE4


Both versions are now ready to download. Till now - 07.2008 contains KDE 3.5.9,

but KDE4 grows at functionality, applications and stability. 07.2008-KDE4 contains

4.1-Beta2 (4.0.83) and is ready for testing by you.

The main systems of both versions are almost identical.

  • Kernel 2.6.24-gentoo-r8
  • gcc-4.2.4
  • openrc-0.2.5
  • portage-

Owners of Radeon VGA-Cards should notice improvements, because the free

radeonhd driver is now installed and has been added to the hardware-detection.

The 3D-Desktop should run well now, too after installing the proprietary ATI driver.

It contains the brand-new Firefox 3.0 and Epiphany has now been added to Toorox

for web browsing, too. Wine was updated to Version 1.0.Kontact and Kmail are

back now in Toorox-KDE4. Please read the Changelog for more informations.


Have fun with Toorox 07.2008 + 07.2008-KDE4!

FaLang translation system by Faboba
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