Toorox 08.2011 "XFCE" + "LITE" Edition

A new version of Toorox has been finished - but this time there are two new
1. The "XFCE" Edition with the leightweight and fast XFCE4 Desktop 4.8.0.
Only the desktop environment has been changed, which needs essentially
less resources and runs well on older hardware - or lightning-fast with new
hardware. The installed applications are the same as of the "KDE" or "GNOME"
Size of the image files:
32-bit: 1.3 GB
64-bit: 1.5 GB
2. The "LITE" Edition - also with XFCE 4.8.0 - but this one has been shrinked.
All of the huge applications have been either removed or replaced by smaller alternatives.
Removed for example: Ardour, Cinelerra, Gimp, Samba, IcedTea6, Wine, Kernel Sources ...
Replaced for example: Libre-Office -> Abiword, IceCat -> Midori, Thunderbird -> Claws-Mail ...
The "LITE" Edition is interesting for those, who wants a fast installation of a solid base.
Size of the image files:
32-bit: 768 MB
64-bit: 816 MB
In general both editions bases on the Linux Kernel 2.6.39-gentoo-r3. It contains the Xorg-Server 1.10.3
and Mesa 7.11. Midori 0.4.0 has been added as the leightweight browser. The mediaplayer parole
has been added. Mirage is the imageviewer. Also Transmission 2.33 and pyNeighborhood 0.5.4
are on board. The filemanager is Thunar 1.2.2, ePDF 0.1.7 for pdfs, Leafpad as a small editor and Xarchiver
as archive manager ...
What else is new?
toorox-iso2stick: This script allows a direct Toorox Live-Stick creation without burning the image
file to a DVD. The following applications must be installed: xdialog, gawk, syslinux, parted.
Simply download the script from the download area and execute it via: sudo, kdesu or gksu.
What else?
The IRC-Chat link on the desktop doesn't work in several countries till now. This has been fixed.
You can find the image files in the download area as a direct download via ftp or torrent.
Many thanks to RWTH Aachen University for the mirror and greetings to the dormitory Halifax.
Have fun ...
FaLang translation system by Faboba
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