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be a violation against these rules, he has the right for example to delete contributions or
user accounts. Also the rules on this site could be changed by him at every time.



Frequently asked Questions


I got the iso image - and now?

Start your preferred burning application and put an empty disc into your dvd-writer. Now search and start the option "Burn iso image to disc" and choose the Toorox .iso file. Start the burning process and if it is finished restart your computer. If booting from dvd fails and you dont see the menu on your display, you have to change the boot options by opening the BIOS and search for the "1st Boot" and "2nd Boot" entry. 1st Boot should be "cdrom" or "cdrom,a,c".

Live System - root password? user password?




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source: S&K Rechtsanwälte; Englisch-Übersetzung durch Twigg's Translations



*01.2013 "KDE" - 29.12.12

-Linux 3.7.1-gentoo
-KDE 4.9.4
-Xorg Server 1.13.0
-Mesa 9.0.1
-GCC 4.6.3
-UUID's in fstab
-Initramfs ramdisk after hd-install
-Enhanced toorox-installer

*11.2012 "GNOME" - 06.12.12*

-Linux 3.5.7-gentoo
-GNOME 3.6.2
-Xorg-Server 1.12.4
-Wine 1.5.17
-Supporting 11 languages
-Update of all packages
-Recent portage snapshot

*08.2012 "XFCE" + "LITE" - 03.08.12*

-Linux 3.3.8-gentoo
-XFCE 4.10
-Xorg-Server 1.12.3
-Grub 2.0
-Replaced IceCat with Chromium
-Replaced Thunderbird with Claws-Mail
-Added Compiz into "XFCE"
-Update of all packages
-Supporting 11 languages

*03.2012 "KDE" - 17.03.12*

-Linux 3.2.2-gentoo
-KDE 4.8.1
-Xorg-Server 1.11.4
-Wine 1.4
-Replaced nm-applet with networkmanagement
-Supporting 11 languages
-Update of all packages

*01.2012 "GNOME" - 20.01.12*

-Linux 3.1.6-gentoo
-GNOME 3.2.1
-Xorg-Server 1.11.3
-Added some gnome-shell-extensions
-Replaced IceCat with Firefox
-Update of all packages

*08.2011 "XFCE" - 10.08.11*

-New Branch

*08.2011 "LITE" - 10.08.11*

-New Branch

*07.2011 "KDE" - 01.07.11*

-Linux 2.6.39-gentoo-r1
-KDE 4.6.4
-Update of nearly all packages
-Recent portage snapshot

*06.2011 "GNOME" - 10.06.11*

-Linux 2.6.39-gentoo
-GNOME 3.0.2
-Xorg-Server 1.10.2
-USB3.0 Support
-Removed deprecated ATA from Kernel
-Removed HAL
-Added nouveau graphics driver
-Updated VGA Hardware Detection
-Changed user sudo permissions after hd-install
-Updated many packages

*03.2011 "GNOME3-RC" - 29.03.11* (Development Release)

-GNOME 2.91.92 (3.0_RC)
-Xorg-Server 1.9.5
-Recent portage snapshot
-Added "gnome" overlay
-Update of many packages

*02.2011 "KDE" - 27.02.11*

-KDE 4.6.0
-Xorg-Server 1.9.4
-Update of nearly all packages
-Moved OpenOffice into LibreOffice

*01.2011 "GNOME" - 08.02.11*

-Kernel 2.6.37-gentoo
-GNOME 2.32.1
-Xorg-Server 1.9.2
-Toorox Installer improvements
-Added Grub2 (1.98) as default boot loader
-Removed gxine
-Update of many packages

*09.2010 "KDE" - 04.10.10*

-Kernel 2.6.34-gentoo-r3
-KDE 4.5.1
-Xorg-Server 1.8.2
-Update of many packages

*09.2010 "GNOME" - 15.09.10*

-Release of 09.2010 "GNOME" (new branch)
-GNOME 2.30.2 was added
-All Qt4 dependencies were removed
-All Qt4 apps were exchanged into comparable GTK apps
-Customized Desktop (Wallpaper,Oxygen Icons,Colour Theme, Panel)
-Added Systemconfig and Starter
-Customized Control Center
-Added Screenlets
-Added Compiz
-Kernel 2.6.34-gentoo-r3
-Xorg-Server 1.8.2
-Update of many packages


-Kernel 2.6.33-gentoo
-KDE 4.4.3
-Xorg-server 1.7.6
-Network config and internet connections now handled by NetworkManager
-Removed old KDE3 apps + dependencies 
-Removed guarddog, umtsmon, kdetv
-Replaced klamav with clamtk
-Recent portage snapshot
-Update of nearly all packages


-64-Bit version now available
-Kernel 2.6.32-gentoo
-KDE 4.3.4
-Toorox Installer improvements
-Added umtsmon + usb_modeswitch
-Added mixxx 
-Added Networkmanager + nm-applet
-Replaced KFTPgrabber with gftp
-Fixed stored firewall settings after reboot
-Update of many packages


-Kernel 2.6.31-gentoo
-KDE 4.3.2
-Xorg-Server 1.6.5
-Added Portato (GUI for Portage)
-Added ext4 support
-Added Direct Rendering Manager 
-Added "nodrm" cheatcode
-Added Kernel Staging Drivers
-Iceweasel is now IceCat
-Soundcard now unmuted by default
-LAN+WLAN script improvement for several wireless cards
-Fixed missing synaptics touchpad driver
-Bootmenu entry for 10" Netbooks
-Update of many packages


-Kernel 2.6.28-gentoo-r6
-KDE 4.2.4
-Update of nearly all packages
-USB-Stick creator opimizations 
-Fixed USB-HDD Kernel Panic after installation


-KDE 4.2.2
-Make an USB live-pendrive now possible
-Added english language for OpenOffice 
-Fixed KDE crash on startup
-Update of many packages


-Kernel 2.6.28-gentoo-r2
-KDE 4.2.1
-Added ClamAV(KlamAV) Anti-Virus
-Added Amarok 2 
-Added Code::Blocks
-Removed Kdevelop
-Moved Minefield into Iceweasel
-Fixed mouse-pointer issue after installation
-Fixed installation issue on a new created partition
-Fixed .ICEauthority permission trouble
-Installation on USB hard disk now possible
-Moved Minefield into Iceweasel


-Kernel 2.6.28-gentoo-r1
-KDE 4.2.0
-Xorg-Server 1.5.3
-Update of nearly all packages
-Added /usr/sbin/net-config to configure LAN,WLAN devices
-Added NTFS write support via ntfs-3g driver 
-Added "xmodule=" cheatcode
-Added icedtea6 Java JDK
-Removed compiz
-Removed kwlan
-Removed desktop-effects overlay
-Moved Firefox into Minefield
-Recent portage snapshot
-Boot from USB optical drive
-Fixed ext2/3 inode size to interact with existing bootloaders
-Fixed using correct VGA card driver
-Fixed set correct modes in xorg.conf (1680x1050, 1920x1200)
-Toorox Installer extensions


-Kernel 2.6.26-gentoo-r2
-KDE 4.1.2 (Toorox 10.2008-KDE4), KDE 3.5.10 (Toorox 10.2008)
-Xorg-server 1.4.2
-GCC 4.3.2
-New portage snapshot
-Update Hardware-Database for Radeon 4xxx and GeForce GTX Cards
-Update of almost all packages
-Fixed missing 'source' line in /etc/make.conf after booting with language=english
-Added desktop-effects overlay
-Removed kdesvn-portage overlay


-KDE 4.1.0
-Fixed boot time (language - english)


-Kernel 2.6.24-gentoo-r8
-KDE 4.0.83 (4.1 Beta2) (KDE4)
-Update Hardware-Database (HW-Detection)
-Update of many packages
-Fixed Soundcard mixer muted problem after installation
-Fixed boot problem with ATI HD Cards  
-Fixed 3D-Desktop problem after installing proprietary ATI drivers
-Included radeonhd driver
-Added kde4-overlay (KDE4)
-Added Epiphany Web Browser
-Added Gnuchess
-Replaced QTPartEd with GParted
-Replaced Evolution with Kontact (KDE4)
-removed NVU


-New portage snapshot
-Kernel 2.6.24-gentoo-r2
-KDE 3.5.9
-Update of many packages
-Added kwlan 0.6.3
-Added many compiz-fusion-plugins
-Added gamin (replaces FAM)
-Minimize hardware-detection output while booting


-Current portage snapshot
-Kernel 2.6.23-gentoo
-KDE 3.5.8
-Xorg-server 1.4
-Compiz 0.6.2
-Alsa 1.0.15
-Update of nearly all packages
-Replaced cloop by squashfs (problems with kernel >=2.6.22)
-Replaced static ash by static busybox (minirt.gz)
-Small changes to the linuxrc script (minirt.gz)
-All sata modules now build into the kernel
-Small toorox-installer fixes
-Updated hardware database (pcitable, usbtable, Cards)
-Replaced CFLAG -Os by -O2 and raised MAKEOPTS to -j5 (many users
now have quad-core CPUs and -j5 speeds up the compiling process
for them)
-Removed kdegames, kdetoys
-Removed xgl-activate, xgl-deactivate scripts in /usr/sbin
and kdmrc-xgl, kdmrc-xorg in the kdm config-dir cause of
-Removed XGL package
-Added eix for fast ebuild searching
-Added some games and chess boards
-Added Marble - The Desktop Globe
-Added Cinelerra
-GTK2 now uses the Glossy theme



Toorox - The Compilation - falls under the
GNU General Public License (GPL). Thus you
can copy, modify and pass it on freely.

The software on DVD underlies several
different free licenses, whereas the
largest part falls also under the GPL.
All licenses (GPL, LGPL, X11, MPL, ...) for
every program can be seen individually in the
software database or by clicking on "Help"
in the toolbar.

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