What is Toorox?


Very briefly:

Toorox is a Linux distribution which is based on Gentoo (~x86 ~amd64) and will be started with KNOPPIX technology as a bootable medium (Live system).

More specified:

Toorox is a full computer operating system. It consists of the Linux Kernel, more than 1000 single software packages and several Knoppix + Toorox scripts. So to a big software collection combined with the Linux Kernel, which controls the hardware and various scripts, which boot up the system up to the desktop. While the system boots up, all needed drivers will be included. Harddisks are not touched for the time being (except a swap partition), because Toorox uses only the main memory. This "live" behaviour has several advantages:

1. Simply testing a Linux operating system, as it is and how it works.
2. If wanted immediate harddisk installation is possible (see below).
3. Data rescue on an USB-device, because the access to harddisks is possible immediately.
4. Safe surfing in the web, because after shut down all data of the main memory are deleted.

All required applications are already included: web browsers, e-mail client, file manager, office, burning software, audio player, video player, videocut, image processing, chat programmes... etc. The system and the desktop are completely preconfigured.

Of course Toorox can be also installed firmly. The installation is very easy. Only a few inputs are required by the user (who, where, how) and after 10 - 15 minutes the installation is finished. It is suited optimally for people who would like to work with a Gentoo Linux, but who would like to avoid the circumstantial installation - or fail because of it. But also for the people who would like to change in general to Linux.

Together with the Toorox Live-DVD a Live-USB Stick can be realized too, on which the system runs of course much faster and optionally data can be saved + encoded permanently.

Toorox supports currently 11 languages:

German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Roumanian, Turkish, Czech and Polish.

The following editions are available:

KDE, GNOME, XFCE, LITE - in each case for 32bit or 64bit CPUs.
The release cycle is approximately all 3-4 months.
The choice of the edition is a matter of taste. KDE and GNOME are modern desktop appearences with high functionality. XFCE is rather simply held, very much taking care of the resources and optimally suitable to older hardware. The LITE edition is a very downgraded edition of XFCE, suitable very well for people, who would like to postinstall their preferential applications later on.

Minimum conditions:
i686 CPU (from Pentium II) + 512 MB RAM

Optimum conditions:
Multi-core  CPU + 1.5 GB RAM

Remark of the developer:

Toorox is based on Gentoo Linux - it is a completely preconfigured Gentoo system and - of course - uses the Gentoo repositories. In other words: if there would be no Gentoo, there would also be no Toorox. Many thanks to all Gentoo developers for a distribution which I use for approx. 10 years.

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